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Giant Battle Ship

Our Huge Giant Battle Ship Game is played with two players who each have their own fleet of ships. Each player places their fleet on a grid (squares) that are identified by a number and a letter for coordinates. There are five ships that are placed on the grid and include: the carrier, which is 5 grid spaces, the battleship that is 4, the cruiser that is 3, the submarine that is 3 and the destroyer that is 2. Once the players place their ships on the grid each takes turns shooting missiles to sink each otherís fleets. If a ship is hit, you put a peg in it to show that it has been hit. The game goes on until one player sinks all the ships of the other player. Great for Sporting Events, Corporate Parties, Schools, College Team Building Activies, Churches in & around the Minneapolis - St Paul Area!

Ages =
Middle School Kids To Adults
Size = 5' L x 5' W x 6' H
Rental Rate = $395.00



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